Christmas Season Audition Information

Silver Stars holds auditions for anyone interested in joining the group twice per year.  See below for details about the specific upcoming auditions.  If you have performed with SS in the past but not with our current artistic team, please signup for an audition time so they can get to know you.  For all potential first-time members, at your audition (or shortly before/after) you will receive information about the upcoming show performance dates, current music list, expected time commitment, membership fee, etc. 

  • Singers will get a private audition time with the Director(s). You should have a song prepared or pick a song from the list when you sign up for an audition.  You will also be required to sing a song the director has chosen (you will know which song ahead of your audition time).
  • Dancers will be asked to attend a special dance class (audition class date will be mentioned below) with the Choreographer and other SS dancers, no special routine or performance is required.
  • Those interested in being a Singer and Dancer (first or second-line) will be required to do both a private singing audition as well as the special dance class.

If you would like more information prior to signing up for an audition, please click the CONTACT link above and e-mail  us your questions.  Any of the current Board will happily answer questions.  We ask that only those serious and willing to commit the time and effort in becoming a Silver Star sign up for an audition.

Spring Season Audition Information

General Audition Information

Silver Stars Musical Revue Society

Auditions for the Spring 2020 season will be posted in Nov/Dec 2019.

Auditions for the Christmas 2020 season will be posted in June/August 2020